The TreeHouse
The TreeHouse by, Bob Manion
Description:  Jon and Kathy, playmates during the summers at Priest Lake since the age of four have progressed to a young adult relationship. The young couple give their hearts to the other. They are torn apart and both expect they will be rejoined. The story is of the search, personal heartbreak and a journey of discovery, separation, tragedy and renewal. A search for understanding and a love thought to be lost in the past waits to be rediscovered. Jon looks for Kathy on the street, in stores everywhere during his life’s journey. Kathy now a successful attorney waits. Jon can not give his heart to another after Kathy. His heart is no longer his to give. It belongs to a woman who as a girl captured it and still owns it. It is the story of the search and the waiting to be found. Neither knows if the other even remembers them. Jon continues his search and lives by the code of never giving up or quitting, and taking responsibility for those placed in his charge. In the past and in the future, to forever honor his commitment. The building of new lives while the love thought to be lost waits to be reawakened.
Isbn13: 978-1-946882-00-4
Isbn10: 1-946882-00-3
Published:  Jun/18/2017
Price:  $14.95
Pages: 250
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Height: 9