The Road Taken
The Road Taken by, T.A. Bratcher
Description:  A new journey has pushed its way into Grace's life. Grace's family dynamics turned upside down when she and her brother uncovered the secrets their parents had kept hidden about Grace's birth mother, a woman they believed to be dead. But her mother has now been identified and released from a mental hospital in Ireland. Grace takes her mother home to California to live with her. Grace experiences the highs and lows as she works to establish a fragile relationship with her mother, and comes to know how vital the bond is between a mother and daughter. Challenging the future to become more than she ever dreamed, Grace emerges as a self-actualizing woman and leaves behind the girl who had been pushed aside and taken advantage of. As Grace continues to move toward a life full of promises of career and family, she is introduced into the unknown dangers and unscrupulous dealings seldom seen in the art community by a dishonest gallery owner. Refusing to give up her dream, Grace takes matters into her own hands as she pushes toward a career in the art world. Reconnecting with her old friends and making new ones, Grace meets a man who ignites a flame of attraction but who also brings great uncertainty. Will she find a man to share her life with, or will she focus her energy on her career? Or, will it be possible for both?
Isbn13: 987-0-9906640-5-5
Isbn10: 0990664058
Published:  Jul/08/2016
Price:  $13.99
Pages: 268