Summer Rain
Summer Rain by, Bob Manion
Description:  Sara Bennett’s love life is in the doldrums and romance doesn’t appear on the horizon for her. Sara is a smokejumper working at the base on the edge of Winthrop, Washington. After a serious jumping accident and the harassment by her supervisor she decides to transfer from the Forest Service to the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service as a Ranger. Randy Springer, the youngest son of Hank Springer, has been appointed the supervisor for the Winthrop area of responsibility for the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service. Sara becomes one of Randy’s Rangers and they work together. Sara is a National Rifle Match marksman and teaches marksmanship to others. She becomes involved with the doctor of the local clinic, but the romance fails. Sara attends the academy to become a permanent Ranger. On patrol, she is involved in a shooting and is challenged by the District manager if the shooting was justified. Randy and Sara together hunt down a terrorist cell on horseback and use unauthorized procedures. Sara and Randy visit the Springer Ranch in Montana where another challenge presents itself.
Isbn13: 978-0-9788507-5-3
Isbn10: 0-9788507-5-0
Published:  Jul/06/2017
Price:  $14.95
Pages: 224
Width: 6
Height: 9