Springer's Heart
Springer's Heart by, Bob Manion
Description:  Hank Springer a remarkable unselfish man and widower who gives up a Marine Corps career for his family. Fosters three children whose parents were killed in an auto accident and have no known relatives. His own three children are grown or nearly so when he moves to Montana to the ranch of his own foster parents. He builds a ranch based on cattle and horse operations and brings other families to share after they have fallen on hard times. He builds an extended family in addition to the ranch. Bess Clemons and her daughter become romantically involved with Hank and his eldest son during a rodeo tour. Romance blossoms and through the trial of guilt, Hank expands his family and his ranch. Challenges overtake the family as the children identify and grow into their own person with challenging ideas and events. Rustlers, attempted rape, attempted murder, and guilt cause crisis within the family. Proud moments when the children accomplish amazing feats of horsemanship, scholastic, and take on responsibilities beyond expectations.
Isbn13: 978-0-9906640-7-9
Isbn10: 0-9906640-7-4
Published:  Dec/05/2016
Price:  $14.95
Pages: 256