MoonStorm Nights
MoonStorm Nights by, Aurora Dawning
Description:  Gina and Taro continue their roller coaster romance when Gina comes to New York. Over several blissful days they grow closer, but she senses there is something he's not telling her. What is Taro hiding? Is something wrong? Back home, Gina has to confront her past as she deals with a visit from her mother and a boss who tries to fire her. She must learn to give herself permission to be who she is, and also find a way to help Taro deal with a crisis of his own. As these two unlikely lovers from two completely different cultures share a delicious Christmas together, they come to appreciate their differences as they learn from each other. But when an unexpected event threatens to separate them forever, will they have the courage to fight for each other? Will their roller coaster romance come to a sudden end, or will they take a new direction and go on to a new beginning? Moon Music 2 continues the wild ride readers will remember from the first book in the series, and once again reminds us that love and happiness sometimes come from the most unlikely sources.
Isbn13: 978-1-946882-01-1
Isbn10: 1-946882-01-1
Published:  Jul/13/2017
Price:  $12.99
Pages: 187