Moon Music
Moon Music by, Aurora Dawning
Description:  Gina Marie Thompson always knew she was born under a full moon, but does that mean she is destined to be unhappy? As a child, her grandmother tells her that a full moon has magic in it, with the power to make life magic or tragic. Gina doesn’t understand what this means until years later, when she has a chance meeting with Taro, a musician in a Japanese rock band. After that, nothing stays the same as they begin a roller coaster adventure from one end of the country to the other. As her relationship with Taro turns her normal world upside down, Gina must decide which path to take – the one expected; or can she trust the promise of something much more? Moon Music, is a madcap, frolicking story of love and self-discovery that takes the reader on a wild adventure and reminds us that sometimes happiness and love come from the most unlikely sources
Isbn13: 978-0-9906640-6-2
Isbn10: 0-9906640-6-6
Published:  Aug/17/2016
Price:  $9.99
Pages: 174