Jakob's Ladies
Jakob's Ladies by, Stan Parks
Description:  Jakob may have acted rashly by deciding to start his career on the western frontier. His meddlesome mother and his girlfriend, couldn’t squelch his dream. Shaking the dust from his clothes after the long stagecoach ride to Sheridan, Wyoming; Jakob is readily accepted and makes friends serving their needs. Adventure finds him facing a grizzly bear. Near disaster for Jakob leaving him, in pain, and unable to work: Liz, the school teacher, will help nurse him back to health. It’s Liz he falls in love with and they marry. BethAnn will bless their marriage. Tragedy will strike deep into Jakob’s life leaving him alone to raise two-year-old BethAnn. Jakob is resilient and finds his way. Five years have passed and Jakob meets the lady who will put his life back on track. It’s Geraldine; one of the English aristocracy living in Wyoming. She invites Jakob to meet her family in England. Circumstance will interfere with marriage plans and Jakob returns to Wyoming. Resigned to live without her, Jakob will proceed to raise his daughter by himself. However, fate will once again intervene in Jakob's life.
Isbn13: 978-1-946882-03-5
Isbn10: 1-946882-03-8
Published:  Jul/13/2017
Price:  $18.95
Pages: 354
Width: 6
Height: 9